Changing Jobs? Don’t Overlook Potential Tax Issues
Brett Sebion, Financial Coach  – March 01, 2024
A job change is a significant undertaking. It requires readjustments in one’s life irrespective of whether the change is due to a better career opportunity elsewhere or an employer-directed reduction in the workforce. A job change can also have tax consequences. Here are three important tax-related issues that departing employees should pay close attention to: […]
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8 Practical Steps to Guard Against Fraud
Emerj360  – February 21, 2024
Consumers reported $8.8 billion lost to fraud in 2022.1 Top frauds were from the following categories: Below are some tips to help you avoid becoming a victim of fraud. Spot imposters Scammers often pretend to be someone you trust, like a government official, a family member, a charity or a company you do business with. […]
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What Your Last Tax Return Can Tell You About Your Finances
Brett Sebion, Financial Coach  – February 14, 2024
Just as coaches look back at their prior season to identify their team’s strengths and weaknesses, it can be helpful for taxpayers to review their most recent tax return to assess what they did well and what they could’ve improved on when it came to their taxes and overall finances. Your federal income tax return […]
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Tax Advantages of a Health Savings Account
Heather Jordan  – February 09, 2024
Health savings accounts (HSAs) have been around for nearly two decades, but many people are unfamiliar with them and the benefits they offer. This article is an overview of how they work, who is eligible for them, and what tax advantages they provide. An HSA is essentially an interest-bearing, medical savings account that you can […]
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2024 Tax Guide: Quick Takes for the New Year
Emerj360  – February 02, 2024
View the 2024 income tax brackets, long term-capital gains tax rates and insights on some factors that may impact your tax situation in this guide. 2024 Federal Tax Provisions 2024 Federal Income Tax Brackets for single filers, heads of household, married filing jointly, and Trusts and Estates. (Click the chart to enlarge it.) Long-Term Capital […]
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Getting Financially Ready to Become a Stay-at-Home Parent
Heather Jordan  – January 23, 2024
Many parents may have, at some point, considered the pros and cons of having one parent take a career break to care for their children full-time. The thought of switching from a family where both parents bring home salaries to a single-income family can be intimidating to many parents. The reality is that the move […]
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