The Benefits of Planning
Heather Jordan  – November 23, 2022
Planning for retirement doesn’t have to be difficult. Learn about what financial planning for retirement entails in this video.
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How Does MoneyGuidePro Work?
Heather Jordan  – November 22, 2022
MoneyGuidePro is a financial planning tool we use to help guide you on your financial planning journey. Wondering how it works? This video provides an overview.
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8 Simple Tips for Organizing Your Finances
Heather Jordan  – November 08, 2022
Disorganized finances can make it difficult to plan and set your goals. Following a pattern of established management guidelines can help you stay on-top of your financial situation throughout the year. Whether you need to overhaul your budget, assess your credit standing, or get a better handle on your investments, stick to these 8 daily […]
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Financial Success: Planning Today for a Better Tomorrow
Heather Jordan  – October 21, 2022
Are you feeling financially secure – maybe you have a good job with a good income?  Maybe you have even started saving or investing outside your 401(k) plan. All steps in the right direction – but do you have a clear plan? A well-documented financial plan can help protect you, especially in these challenging times […]
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4 Retirement Rollover Options
Heather Jordan  – October 20, 2022
You have worked hard saving for your retirement. But what happens if you change jobs or retire? There are many considerations in making this decision, but you have options. At Emerj360, we understand this can be an overwhelming time for you. We have highlighted the advantages and disadvantages of each option so that you can feel […]
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Prepare For Your Next Milestone Moment
Emerj360  – September 29, 2022
Life is full of milestone moments – buying your first house, having children, seeing your children go through college, and retirement. Have a plan in place for the financial side of these milestone events so you can focus on the precious moments. The Emerj360 team takes a 360 degree view of your situation so you […]
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