Why to Avoid Overconcentration when Investing
Brett Sebion, Investment Relationship Manager  – July 28, 2022
A concentrated position in a single stock can happen to investors for many reasons. They may receive company stock as part of their employee compensation package or they may have bought shares of a single company, hoping to choose a big winner.  However, it’s unlikely that a single stock will outperform the market as a […]
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The Risk of Missing The Best Days in the Market
Yan Arsenault, CFA® CAIA®  – July 08, 2022
Since 1980, the S&P has had over 10,000 trading days. However, if you only miss a small fraction of the best days the impact can be material. Said another way, the cost of trying to time the market can be high.
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Introducing EMERJ360
Angela Strangman  – June 29, 2022
This new division of Trust Point is backed by our same long-standing fiduciary values and experienced investment team. Heather N. Jordan, CFP®, MBA, Managing Director and Brett A. Sebion, Financial Coach, share what Emerj360 offers. Heather: We are so happy to introduce Emerj360, Trust Point’s new division. It’s grown from the belief that expanded services […]
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When Markets are Jumpy, Maintain Focus on Your Goals
Yan Arsenault, CFA® CAIA®  – May 18, 2022
After enjoying the recent bull market, it’s easy to forget that volatility includes stock prices going down as well as up—and that such movement is practically guaranteed. While you can’t control the markets, you can manage how you react to their swings. The key is to zoom out from any particular period and focus on […]
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4 Tips to Help You Avoid Timing the Market
Brett Sebion, Investment Relationship Manager  – May 17, 2022
udden ups and downs in the stock market can be hard to ignore. It’s common to get the urge to sell when you see your investments lose value — or to buy when the market is surging. But predicting the effects of short-term market movements like these is nearly impossible.
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What Type of Investor Are You?
Brett Sebion, Investment Relationship Manager  – March 26, 2022
Opportunistic: a common trait amongst successful investors over the last 100 years. While there have been many recessions over the last century, the stock market has continued its trajectory higher. That’s not to say specific industries or sectors have come and went (think many technology companies in the late 1990s), but investors with diversified portfolios […]
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