Employer Resource Kit

Demonstrate your company’s deep commitment to your employee’s financial well-being by sharing Emerj360 resources!

To make it easy for you to introduce Emerj360 to your employees, Emerj360 offers the following educational group sessions to your company:

  • Budgeting
  • Estate Planning
  • Investing 101
  • Retirement Readiness
  • Financial Planning

Click here to schedule one of these valuable sessions to help improve your employees financial know-how today!

Here is how the process will work:

You may be wondering? Why is education for my employees important?

  • When it comes to personal finances, 87% of employees want help.*
  • Most employees seek financial guidance at key decision points or when they’re already in crisis.
  • An increasing amount of employees are using the financial wellness services their employers provide.

*Click each of the icons below for better insights into these statistics.

When it comes to personal finances, 87% of employees want help          Chart showing the percentage of employees who have used the financial wellness service their employers provide.


In addition, we have developed this Employer Resource Kit.

  • Email template introducing Emerj360 to your employees
  • Promotional text you can easily copy and paste into your employee communications (e-newsletters, intranet, or payroll system)
  • Break-Room Poster (18×24). Ready to print and hang in your employee common areas
  • Postcards and flyers for new employees or employees looking for financial guidance.  Just ask the Emerj360 team for a supply!
  • Our team will send out free, monthly content for all your plan participants to help them feel more confident in their financial wellness and planning.

Our goal is to add value to your retirement plan by providing education material and communication to your employees.  If you have questions or feedback about our resources or educational opportunities, please contact us.