Don’t Miss These 5 Year-End Financial Planning Opportunities
Brett Sebion, Financial Coach  – October 31, 2023
Are your finances ready for the end of the year? December brings many deadlines and lists; there are gifts to buy, holidays to plan, and vacations to organize. While financial planning should occur year-round, it often becomes top of mind as the year draws to a close. Even though the holiday season is a busy […]
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Types of Financial Professionals
Heather Jordan  – October 25, 2023
When it comes to making decisions about your finances and future, it is important to put your best foot forward. Typically, that means hiring a financial professional, who can guide you through making decisions about your wealth. However, there are many types of financial professionals who have a variety of expertise, which can make it […]
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Your Current Lifestyle vs. Your Retirement Lifestyle
Brett Sebion, Financial Coach  – October 20, 2023
Working toward retirement can be like moving toward a light at the end of a tunnel. Many Americans spend decades saving for retirement, but don’t have an actual plan for once they retire. Whether you are looking to travel more, pick up a new hobby, start a part time-job or just spend time relaxing with […]
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Elevate Your Finances: October Webinar Series
Emerj360  – October 19, 2023
In honor of October being National Financial Planning month, we are bringing you a three-part webinar series to help set you up for success in reaching your financial goals. Retirement Readiness Even if you’ve been saving for retirement for years, there are several factors to consider near retirement to ensure you’re prepared to live comfortably […]
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Are You Prepared for a 30 Year Retirement?
Brett Sebion, Financial Coach  – October 11, 2023
The good news? Retirees are living longer. The bad news? Many aren’t planning for it financially. Life expectancy is a key piece of retirement planning. After all, you’ll need to estimate your lifespan to determine how much money you’ll need to retire comfortably. Many pre-retirees speculate on this figure or overlook it entirely. So, how […]
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Eight Common Mistakes That Can Jeopardize Your Retirement
Trust Point  – October 09, 2023
According to Charles Schwab, retirement planning is the number one source of financial stress for the majority of Americans.1 Given the potential for retirement to span 20 or more years, it is extremely important to avoid costly mistakes today which could have detrimental costs tomorrow. This article outlines eight common mistakes people make which can […]
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