Pump Up the Savings
Brett Sebion, Financial Coach  – May 16, 2023
Concerned about your financial fitness? Worried that you’ve been neglecting your retirement plan? Saving more can help you get things into tip-top shape. If you haven’t increased the amount you contribute to your plan in a while (or ever), here’s why it’s a good idea to give your savings a boost. Compounding Work Out The […]
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College Savings Plans: Breaking Down the Complexities
Heather Jordan  – May 11, 2023
The increasing cost of higher education saddles many young adults with massive amounts of student debt. This student debt makes it harder to balance other important financial obligations such as buying a home, having a wedding, or starting a family. Young adults who graduate with less student debt have more flexibility and financial opportunities later […]
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How to Retire Comfortably
Brett Sebion, Financial Coach  – May 05, 2023
Most retirement planners agree that you will need at least 70% to 85% of your current annual household income in retirement. To get there, it’s estimated we need eight to 10 times our ending salary to be financially secure by age 67. But how do you actually get there? That goal may sound overwhelming, but […]
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It’s Not a Windfall, It’s Your Savings
Brett Sebion, Financial Coach  – May 02, 2023
What happens to the money in your retirement plan account when you switch jobs? That’s up to you. Typically, one of your options may be to take your savings in a single sum. Sounds like a windfall, right? Wrong. Here’s why you should think long and hard about cashing out your retirement savings. Less Money […]
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How Much Does a Financial Advisor Cost In 2023?
Emerj360  – April 28, 2023
According to a Harris Poll survey, 60 percent of respondents had no idea how much they were paying in fees or how the fees were charged on all their financial accounts. It might sound surprising, but advisors or other financial consultants can be compensated in a number of ways, which can make understanding or talking […]
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Spending Less on Your Getaway
Heather Jordan  – April 21, 2023
Want to go on a relaxing, enjoyable vacation this summer without breaking the bank? Here are some ways you and your family may be able to save money while getting away from it all. Visit National Parks Traveling to a national park can be a good way to experience some of the country’s most beautiful […]
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