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Written By  Trust Point
In-Person Education Session September 13th in La Crosse
Heather Jordan  – September 08, 2022
You’ve worked hard and saved hard for this moment – retirement.  Actually transitioning from saving to spending can be difficult, especially considering the current market volatility, rising inflation, and a potential recession looming.  In this session, we will discuss retirement income planning and solutions that will help prepare you for what’s to come. Light appetizers […]
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Ready to Take a Hybrid Approach to Your Financial Planning?
Trust Point  – August 17, 2022
Plan for your retirement with online investing when you want it and local people available for guidance when you need it with Emerj360.
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When Can I Retire?
Allyson Krause, CRPP™, Managing Director, Retirement Plan Services  – August 16, 2022
Key considerations for retiring at the right time For many people, retirement is the ultimate goal—the end of a marathon. Deciding when to retire is both an emotional and financial decision, and for some, it’s one of the hardest decisions in life. While no two finish lines look the same, there are some common requirements […]
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