Managing your own finances can be a difficult and time-consuming task. Yet in 2022, only 35% of Americans said they worked with some type of financial advisor, meaning a large amount of our population is not taking advantage of the benefits a professional can provide.

No matter your age, financial status or background, working with a financial planner is helpful for achieving your financial goals. Here are some of the ways a financial planner and their services can benefit you.

An Expert in the Field

Financial planners are experts in the field, and are able to provide neutral, third party advice that is specifically tailored to your goals and financial situation. Additionally, when you work with a fiduciary, like the financial professionals at Emerj360, you also have the peace of mind of knowing you are receiving guidance that is in your best interest. Financial professionals have up-to-date knowledge on laws and regulations that most of the general population doesn’t have. They are able to use their expertise to help you employ the most effective strategies according to your needs.

Adjust Your Financial Plan

As your financial goals change, a financial planner is a great resource to help you make the necessary adjustments to your budget and financial plans. Whether you are looking to buy a house, start a college fund for your children, or save for a wedding, financial planners can make transitions easier as you enter new stages of life. Planners can also help you navigate sudden changes that impact your financial situation, like losing a job. Life is unexpected, and working with a financial professional means you don’t have to make decisions about your money alone.

Keep You on Track

After you have developed a financial plan, planners can help you stick to your plan. In particular, they can help hold you accountable in your spending and budgeting, while also periodically reevaluating your plan. All financial plans can be flexible, and your planner will guide you on how to adjust to fit your lifestyle needs, and how to better stay on track so you can reach your future goals.

Help Plan Your Future

No matter how long you have been in the workforce, you should have some sort of plan for retirement. Financial planners can discuss your retirement goals with you and how to plan accordingly. Saving for retirement can be a difficult process, so a financial professional will work with you to calculate your projected retirement savings and make recommendations to help you maximize these savings. Professionals can also help you plan for after your retirement and for other future matters with your family.

Provide Investment Guidance

Investing your wealth can be a daunting process because when you are making investments, you are inherently taking risks. Planners can help take the emotion out of investing, calculate your risk tolerance, and work with you to diversify your portfolio—which is incredibly difficult to do on your own. Financial planners are up-to-date on market trends with the experience to navigate an ever-changing market.

Working with a Professional

Working with a financial planner means you are making the most well-informed decisions about your wealth. The financial professionals at Emerj360 are here to help develop a financial plan for you and answer all the questions you have. You can schedule an appointment to get started today.

Written By  Heather Jordan
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