We are holding three online educational sessions in October! Topics will cover Social Security benefits, rollover planning, and financial planning.

October 6th: 6:00 pm – 6:45 pm

Social Security benefits is one of the most commonly asked questions when considering retirement. And for good reason – determining when to begin taking Social Security benefits could be one of the biggest financial decisions you face.

We will take a look at the rules for starting, coordinating, and potentially increasing your benefits.

October 13th: 12 pm – 12:45 pm

Have you recently changed jobs or retired and have money left in a 401(k) plan? Decisions on where that money goes can have a lasting impact on your retirement plan. Make sure you know the rules and options to make sure your existing retirement savings keeps working for you!

October 20th: 6:00 pm – 6:45 pm

Are you feeling financially secure – maybe you have a good job with a good income?  Maybe you have even started saving or investing outside your 401(k) plan. All steps in the right direction – but do you have a clear plan?

A well-documented financial plan can help protect you, especially in these challenging times of high inflation and market volatility.

Have any questions? Call us at 1-83-Emerj360 or send us an email at info@emerj360.com.

Visit our resources library for insights and tips at your convenience.

Written By  Brett Sebion, Investment Relationship Manager
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