This new division of Trust Point is backed by our same long-standing fiduciary values and experienced investment team. Heather N. Jordan, CFP®, MBA, Managing Director and Brett A. Sebion, Financial Coach, share what Emerj360 offers.

Heather: We are so happy to introduce Emerj360, Trust Point’s new division. It’s grown from the belief that expanded services and approachable investing could help more people to plan, save and retire comfortably. We created this new division to be client-driven and responsive to the digital age by using a blend of online tools and personal expertise to manage accounts. For me, helping people to make good financial decisions and bringing them peace of mind up to and through retirement is extremely rewarding and satisfying.

We are trying to evolve the financial industry to serve a broader group of investors by working with people in all kinds of scenarios. Several of our clients are well into their accumulation phase, and some are just starting out in their careers. Others are nearing or in retirement. Emerj360 shares the same fiduciary values, which is always working in the best interest of our clients, and investment expertise as Trust Point, but we use a blended-approach of technology and personal service for our accounts.

Digital Investing. Financial Planning. Real People.

Brett: Emerj360 is Trust Point’s solution to people wanting better technology and digital resources. Our clients have access to several online tools and resources on demand that they can navigate on their own. Our clients are able to open accounts online, invest and move money however they’d like. Unlike other online investing platforms, when our clients have a question or need expert guidance, they have us here to help. Our job is to make people feel comfortable about the financial aspect of their lives. We’re here to be the investment expert for them, so they can focus on enjoying the other parts of their lives. We take care of your investments, while you take care of everything else.

Looking to plan and invest for your future? We’re glad you found us – that’s exactly what we do! Schedule a meeting to get started.

Written By  Angela Strangman
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