LA CROSSE, Wis., Nov. 1, 2021 — Investors without complex money management needs have an easy new way to save, backed by a century of financial know-how.

Independent wealth management company Trust Point, Inc. recently launched Emerj360, a new division that offers on-demand online resources and tools for financial planning combined with knowledge and insights from an experienced team. 

Emerj360 allows Trust Point to expand its services to more investors, who can use the digital platform for most of their needs. They can open and fund an account online within minutes. Investment performance and decision-making can be done with the click of a button. What really sets Emerj360 apart from other automated investment platforms, though, is the ability of investors to lean on a dedicated team of financial professionals for one-on-one consultation.

“Many of the robo-advisors out there today give you online access and you do everything yourself. In wealth management, you work with a dedicated person who does things on your behalf. We wanted a hybrid approach to blend the best of both models,” said Heather Jordan, CFP®, Managing Director of Emerj360. “A modern, digital, efficient online experience combined with being available when they need us.” 

The new division can help investors who have greater than $50,000 in investable assets in a wide range of scenarios, from retirees with questions about making their money last to people nearing retirement or those who need help setting the course for retirement saving. Emerj360 can also help you manage rollover options, save for something special, or just help prepare for the unexpected.  

“People have so many questions about their investment and retirement options and most of the time they are doing their own research or just relying on what’s provided by their company’s 401(k) plan,” Jordan said. “Our goal is to be your coach and guide.”  

Emerj360 provides financial education to help with important decisions. For example, should you pay off your mortgage or carry it into retirement? Or when should you take Social Security? Though new, the division is born out of a company with more than a century of wealth management experience, and it shares the same values and principles, including operating in the best interest of clients as a fiduciary. 

“We need to continue to adapt to our clients of today and our clients of the future,” said Trust Point President Bill Bosch. “And through the utilization of technology, the added convenience, and service, this new division allows us to enhance our client experience and serve a market we weren’t able to serve before.”

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With more than a century of experience, Trust Point provides tailored wealth management solutions and expertise to clients in the La Crosse, Eau Claire, and Minneapolis markets and beyond. To learn more, visit

Written By  Angela Strangman
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